Crown Point Corvette Club



If you membership  information is incorrect, missing, you need to post a car photo etc. Please send an email to our webmaster Doug Van Der Weide at

Last NameFirst Name(s)Corvette(s)Car Photos
Benice Scott & Cindy2012 Grand Sport SilverPhoto
BoenderGary1989 BluePhoto
BrownClyde & Sandy2015 White 
Craig Herb & Christine 2008 Red Convert.Photo
DaniellBrian & Stacey 2018 Admiral Blue Photo
Ensign Brian & Mary (Stacks) 2003 Yellow / 1993 Ruby Red  Photo 1  / Photo 2
GarrisonHelen2004 Red 
GlassJim2012 Grand Sport GreyPhoto
GnerlichBill & Carol2016 ZO6 C7. R Racing Yellow #57Photo 1 | Photo 2
GolvidisJerry2007 Black Photo
HaakeJohn2004 YellowPhoto
Hart Don & Annette 1994 Red Convert.Photo
Hastings Casie2002 706 Torch RedPhoto
HerzogJerryWhite 1976 Stingray 
HigbyDan & Deb2016 Shark Grey Convert.Photo
Hyman Steve & Marjy 2015 Z06 Blade SilverPhoto
Kelby Jim & Shelley 2015 Red 3LT Convert.Photo
Kiel Sandy & Dave

1979 Blue  / 2004 Blue 

 / 2000 Yellow / 2018 Z06 Carbon Fiber White

Photo 1 /  Photo 2

 Photo 3 / Photo 4

LongDave & Donna2001 Lt. Pewter MetallicPhoto
LyonsTom & Audrey2006 Red Callaway 
MacDonaldGlen & Pat2013 White Anniv. Convert. Photo
Mair Doug &  Eileen 2003 Spiral Grey 
McFarlandCraig & MaryLee2004 Silver ConvertablePhoto
Neely Roger & Mary Jo 2015 Z51 Stingray CoupePhoto
PagerDan & Sherry2013 WhitePhoto
PetersStan2016 Shark Grey Convert.Photo
Pratt Wesley (Wes) 2014 White & RedPhoto
ReynoldsDon & Judy2008 Crystal Red Photo
RimkusStanley & Kim2003 Black 
RosaschiJohn & Sue2012 Crystal Red Photo
Sawadski Mike & Pat (Dougherty) 2003 Spiral GreyPhoto
Smith Rick and Stephanie 2017 Stingray Gray Z51Photo
Symanski Kevin  2016 Shark Grey Convert  Photo 
SzafarczykAl and Sue2017 GrandSport 2LT HeritagePhoto
ThielJohn and Kim2004 Magnetic Red 
VanDerWeide Doug & Jennifer 1973 Metallic Orange Photo / Website
ZackiewiczZack & Kathy2003 Anniv. RedPhoto

If you membership  information is incorrect, missing, you need to post a car photo etc.

Please send an email to our webmaster Doug Van Der Weide at



Patty Rench 1949-2002

Mac Randolph  1947-2004

David Kelly Blankenship 2010

JoEllen Nicholls 1946-2013


Cindy Peters 1949-2016 Ed Wenzel  1944-2016


We are sorry if we missed your loved one who was a  member of this club.

If so, please send the information and obituary so we can honor them. 



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Gary Boender 

Vice President 

Rick Smith 



Eileen Mair  


Annette Hart  


Jim Kelby 


 Judy Reynolds 



We encourage our members to get on facebook to communicate with each other. This is a resource to talk about Vettes and to see who is attending what events.


Do you know someone who has a Corvette but isn't connected? Invite them to our club meeting to check things out. They don't have to join right away. Have them come out and find out what a great bunch of passionate Corvette lovers we are. When you go out on a Cruise or Car Show you run into someone...tell them about this club. Better yet...Print out a "Club Flyer"