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altBefore Internet Explorer (1995) & Google (1998) existed, before shopping carts (1994) were invented, before amazon (1994) & facebook (2004) was conceived, and before much of what we see Internet Websites to look like, Doug Van Der Weide has been designing Online.  Considered as one of the early pioneers in the E-Commerce Internet market Doug started creating websites that sold products back in 1993. There were no web design programs to help you create a site you had to know the HTML language (which is the language used to write web pages) to create a webpage, and the first website looked VERY generic.


Doug didn't go to school for computers, but taught himself the html language. Doug's skills include showroom management, design and marketing, and he often has said, "That if you can truly design, you can design anything. You either got it or you don't, and schooling has nothing to do with talent and ability." 

With a degree in Communications Design from Ray College of Design, Doug is able to design & market just about anything, and he has! All of the artwork show on this page is from some of his collections. 

altRight out of college he worked briefly for Montgomery Wards designing sales ads and believe it or not ... a children's winter clothing line. He has designed a line of bath vanities back in the early 90's. He has designed several websites that has had him featured in many magazine publications.


altDoug has been a keynote speaker for the American Supply Association (ASA, SWA, DWA) on the E-Commerce market at trade shows throughout the United States back in the mid to late 1990's, as well as teaching mini-seminars about remodeling, design, upselling, trends and paint colors. He also consulted with Paul Martin (aka: the professor) who was the head of ASA education department on a training CD-Rom called Product Pro "Essentials of Fixtures & Faucets." He has also written regular monthly articles for Builder/Architect magazine. Doug has even designed/organized several trades shows as well as trade show booths, of which because of his designs was featured on Chicago's WGN TV Show "Around Town" with Ana Belaval.



altDoug has been involved in many forms of print advertising, TV commerical's, logo/branding designs,  and other forms of marketing design. He has designed several decorative plumbing fixture showrooms ... Just Add Water (for Auburn Supply Co.) in St. John Indiana, Fox Home Center in Alsip Illinois, and most recently WaterPlace (a Leeps Supply showroom) in Crown Point Indiana. WaterPlace is a premier Kitchen - Bath - Lighting showroom that opened Oct. 1, 2016 and has been featured  in several magazine publications already...Inspired Living Jan. 2017 | Kitchen & Bath Business Feb. 2017,  Lighting & Decor Magazine in the May 2017 issue (pg.28), June 2017 issue (pg.10), and August 2017 issue (pg. 37)


altDoug's off-the-wall sense of humor has even gotten him on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The Tonight Show often runs a "funny ads segment," and while working at Fox Home Center, one of the ads showed a toilet with "Try-it Before you Buy-it." Not that customers would actually try the toilets but Fox did have working displays for demonstrations. Needless to say this ad got some attention.


altThe Grand Opening of WaterPlace featured Ty Pennington (from HGTV's "Trading Spaces", and "Extreme Home Makeover"). Ty Pennington has the same passion for design and construction and was a perfect fit to kick off Doug's newest creation. By clicking on the WaterPlace link you will be transported to a site to view pictures of this beautiful showroom. 


altDoug's college major was advertising/illustration, and he loves to draw, paint and just create artwork. Doug's skill level is what many would call today "old school," because he likes to work with regular art media (ie. pens, pencils, oils, markers, etc.), and not by computer. Some of Doug's art pieces can be found on this page and can be viewed in a larger format by clicking on the image. 



altFor the last 34 years he has specialized mainly in the construction trades, designing for showrooms, but he has also held showroom management positions at both Auburn Supply Co. and Fox Home Center for over 20 years total. Doug is also a "Color Specialist" trained by Mary Hoffman of Benjamin Moore paint company. Mrs. Hoffman has been a color specialist for years and has often been on the team developing the color of the year for Benjamin Moore Paints.


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altOne of Doug and Jen's other passion's and hobby is Corvettes. They own a 1973 Classic Corvette Stingray in metallic orange. The car was actually named after one of Doug's favorite soccer sports teams "Oranje" (pronounced: Oh-RaN-ya) Oranje is the national soccer team for the Netherlands (KNVB) and of course he created a website to go with the car...  The story of the Oranje car was picked up by the Netherlands team and was promoted on facebook and in a magazine. Doug & Jennifer enjoy spending time together, taking the T-Tops off the Vette and going for a cruise. "A lot of guys who compete with old cars, don't drive their cars."  Doug & Jen's philosophy is - "its no fun having it if you don't drive it." They are both active members of the Crown Point Corvette Club. This Corvette won "Best of Cruise" in the Lansing Illinois Car Show/Cruise Night 6/10/17.


One of Doug's other passions is performing as Santa Doug. Doug is a real bearded, and faith based Santa. As he plays Santa his goal is to brighten your Christmas and Holiday Events, and bring good cheer to your Home, Private Parties, Office Parties, and Corporate and Community Events. He will star in your photo shoots. He loves meet and greets, singing Christmas songs, and he loves a good reading of some Christmas Stories. Santa Doug believes that Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ. Santa Doug LLC is proud to offer the option of having a faith-based visit with Santa. Santa Doug honors and respects diversities in faith and does not promote any specific religion. All I want for Christmas is Jesus, family, friends and a good cup of tea. Visit Santa Doug's website by Clicking Here ( I am professionally trained through Kringle University, I complete a yearly background check and carry performers liability insurance. Click Here to Watch a Review on our 2023 Season | Click Here to watch us on the Tuesday Night Live Show.



altDoug's passion will always and forever be in designing and educating. I am sure this list of work and achievements will continue to grow. Hope you have enjoyed this page and learning about the webmaster Doug Van Der Weide who has created, and designed this website (and others) you may have been on. You will also find him from time to time writing articles related to the decorative showroom This article on Lighting Up Your Showroom and this article on Customer Service.


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If you are in the Crown Point, Indiana area I would like to encourage you to visit WaterPlace... Doug's newest 10732 Broadway Avenue, in Crown Point Indiana 46307 (219) 661-7021 and ask for Doug; as he would be happy to take you on a tour of his latest creation. We promise it will be an "Experience" you won't forget. This showroom has been featured in Inspired Living Magazine (Jan. 2017), and Kitchen and Bath Business (Feb. 2017)... And WaterPlace was a Finalist for Lighting Showroom of the Year 2017  by Lighting & Decor Magazine & Dallas Market Center. Click Here to Learn More. June 21st was the awards ceremony and WaterPlace won "Best Merchandising Display" award. Doug has also appeared in the May 2017 issue (pg.28), June 2017 issue (pg.10), and August 2017 issue of Lighting & Decor Magazine (pg. 37). 

altWaterPlace has been up for Lighting Showroom of the Year 2017, 2018 and 2019 as a finalist. WaterPlace was featured yet again in Lighting & Decor magazine May 2018 issue & Furniture Lighting & Decor May 2019 Issue.

Most Recently...WaterPlace has won The Wholesaler Magazine 2020 Showroom of the Year. Read more about this by clicking on the  April 2020 Issue.

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Below you will see some of Doug's designs and achievements. You can click on the images anywhere on this page to see them up close and personal.   

Click Here to See WaterPlace